Our team has implemented a new design process for our clients’ convenience and to keep our products affordable for the average family and investor.

Custom Home Plans

Step 1


Complete the design questionnaire to share your ideas and visions along with any concepts, look books, magazine photos, floor plans, or SBIverson Homes floor plans that interest you. We will schedule a site evaluation meeting, which is critical to a well-designed home. Be ready to share why you bought the property, and what you love about it. We will openly discuss a complete budget for the project to maximize the design details, exterior elevations and amenities. At this meeting we will provide a design contract, with a 3-D video option, and answer any questions you may have regarding the design process. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will begin the conceptual design process.

Step 2

Conceptual Drawing

We will provide a conceptual drawing incorporating all the ideas previously discussed at our site evaluation, typically within 10 days. We will further share our plans to maximize the views, terrain, vegetation and any natural features our design team recognized. We will continue to work back and forth through discussions, emails, phone calls, or meetings, editing our concepts until we have an approved floor plan. We will then provide a more detailed sketch of the elevations (what your house will look like from the street) for your approval. If you opt for the 3-D video option, we will take the photos and begin satellite downloads of topography and begin the preliminary rendering.

Step 3

Details, Details, Details

Continued detailed development of the home design through phone calls, emails and mailed drawings until preliminary plan approval. Upon completion, we will share a detailed site plan showing the home, driveway, natural features incorporated and all utilities. We will schedule a meeting with our interior designer / materials coordinator, or showroom coordinator to select all your building amenities. With 3-D option, we will begin turning our conceptual drawings into a video highlighting a 360-degree view of the home and topography.

Step 4

Final CAD Drawings

Final auto cad drawings will begin, and we will complete a list of all the interior and exterior features and materials to be incorporated in to the plans for your review. Plans will be completed in approximately 60 days.

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